Wall of Spears Fifth Edition Wooden Sphere

Winter Orb Winter Orb English

Artifact, 2 (2)

As long as Winter Orb is untapped, players can't untap more than one land during their untap steps.

"When once winter has ahold,
Not willingly does she withdraw
her icy touch, wistfully caressing—
The deepened air sleeps its cold."
—Aline Corralurn, "Late Thaw"

Illus. Mark Tedin

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/8/2016: All permanents untap during a player's untap step at once. If Winter Orb is tapped as your untap step begins, your lands will all untap.
  • 6/8/2016: You can't tap Winter Orb just because you want to. Another ability, such as that of Glare of Subdual, must instruct or allow you to do so.
#408 (Mark Tedin)

English Eternal Masters (Rare)
English World Championship Decks (Special)
English Fifth Edition (Rare)
English Pro Tour Decks (Special)
English Fourth Edition (Rare)
English Revised Edition (Summer Magic "Edgar") (Rare)
English Revised Edition (Rare)
English International Collectors' Edition (Rare)
English Collector's Edition (Rare)
English Unlimited Edition (Rare)
English Limited Edition Beta (Rare)
English Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)
English MTGO Masters Edition (Rare)

German Frostbringer
French Orbe de l'hiver
Italian Globo dell'Inverno
Spanish Orbe invernal
Portuguese Orbe Hibernal
Japanese 冬の宝珠
Simplified Chinese 冬之球

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