Nona Edizione Box Set 9eb/it

English Ninth Edition Box Set   Deutsch Neunte Edition Box Set   Français Neuvième Edition Box Set   Español Novena Edición Box Set   Português Nona Edição Box Set   日本語 Ninth Edition Box Set  
简体中文 Ninth Edition Box Set   Русский Девятая редакция (Box Set)  
[ 1-2 ] 2 cards

Card name Type Mana Rarity Artist Edition
1 Cadetto Entusiasta Creatura — Soldato Umano 1/1 W Common Scott M. Fischer Italian Nona Edizione Box Set
8 Predone Goblin Creatura — Guerriero Goblin 2/2 1R Common Greg Staples Italian Nona Edizione Box Set

[ 1-2 ] 2 cards

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