Rhonas the Indomitable Amonkhet Scaled Behemoth

Sandwurm Convergence Sandwurm Convergence English

Enchantment, 6GG (8)

Creatures with flying can't attack you or planeswalkers you control.

At the beginning of your end step, create a 5/5 green Wurm creature token.

Cantankerous and territorial, sandwurms claim even the skies above their dunes.

Illus. Slawomir Maniak

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/18/2017: Once a creature has attacked you or a planeswalker you control, it will remain in combat even if it gains flying. Similarly, if a creature with flying enters the battlefield attacking, Sandwurm Convergence's first ability can't undo that attack.
#183 (Slawomir Maniak)

English Amonkhet (Rare)

German Sandwurm-Aufkommen
French Convergence des guivres des sables
Italian Convergenza di Wurm Sabbiosi
Spanish Confluencia de sierpes de arena
Portuguese Convergência dos Vormes-da-areia
Japanese サンドワームの収斂
Simplified Chinese 沙丘亚龙巢群
Russian Скопление Песчаных Вурмов
Traditional Chinese 沙丘亞龍巢群
Korean 모래웜 결집

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