Brutamontes Rhox Alara Reborn Rannet do Vale

Behemoth Quebra-Mágica Behemoth Quebra-Mágica Portuguese

Criatura — Besta 5/5, 1RGG (4)

Behemoth Quebra-Mágica não pode ser anulado.

As mágicas de criatura que você controla com poder maior ou igual a 5 não podem ser anuladas.

Creature — Beast 5/5

This spell can't be countered.

Creature spells you control with power 5 or greater can't be countered.

"Alguns acreditam que sua imunidade à contramágica evoluiu devido aos constantes ataques de magos a Naya. Eu acredito que ele simplesmente devorou um monte de magos."
— Broka, caçador tamborileiro

Illus. Jason Chan

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 5/1/2009: Any spells or abilities that would counter Spellbreaker Behemoth or (once it's on the battlefield) a creature spell you control with power 5 or greater can still be cast or activated and will still resolve. They just won't counter that spell. Any other effects they have will happen as normal.
  • 5/1/2009: Effects that affect a creature's power (such as the one from Glorious Anthem, for example) apply only to creatures on the battlefield, not to creature spells on the stack.
  • 5/1/2009: If a creature card has “*” in its power, the ability that defines “*” works in all zones, including the stack.
#60 (Jason Chan)

Portuguese Alara Reborn (Rare)

English Spellbreaker Behemoth
German Zauberbrecherbehemoth
French Béhémoth brisesort
Italian Behemoth Spezzamagie
Spanish Behemot rompehechizos
Japanese 呪文砕きのビヒモス
Simplified Chinese 破咒贝西摩斯
Russian Незаклинаемое Чудище

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