Mist Raven Avacyn Restored Nephalia Smuggler

Misthollow Griffin Misthollow Griffin English

Creature — Griffin 3/3, 2UU (4)


You may cast Misthollow Griffin from exile.

For some creatures, existing is only a whim.

Illus. Jaime Jones

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 5/1/2012: Misthollow Griffin can also be cast from a player’s hand.
  • 5/1/2012: Misthollow Griffin doesn’t have an ability that exiles itself. Some other effect will be needed to get the card into exile.
  • 5/1/2012: You must still pay Misthollow Griffin’s mana cost when you cast it from exile.
  • 5/1/2012: Misthollow Griffin’s ability doesn’t change when you can cast creature spells: when you have priority during your main phase when the stack is empty.
#68 (Jaime Jones)

English Avacyn Restored (Mythic Rare)

German Nebeltal-Greif
French Griffon de Brumecreux
Italian Grifone di Brumaconca
Spanish Grifo de Hondonada neblinosa
Portuguese Grifo do Vale da Neblina
Japanese 霧虚ろのグリフィン
Simplified Chinese 雾谷狮鹫
Russian Грифон Туманной Лощины
Traditional Chinese 霧谷獅鷲
Korean 미스트할로우 그리핀

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