Krosan Verge Commander 2017 Myriad Landscape

Mosswort Bridge Mosswort Bridge English


Hideaway (This land enters the battlefield tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, exile one face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.)

{T}: Add {G} to your mana pool.

{G}, {T}: You may play the exiled card without paying its mana cost if creatures you control have total power 10 or greater.

Illus. Jeremy Jarvis

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#261 (Jeremy Jarvis)

English Commander 2017 (Rare)
English Commander 2016 (Rare)
English Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis (Rare)
English Commander 2015 (Rare)
English Commander 2013 Edition (Rare)
English Archenemy (Rare)
English Lorwyn (Rare)

German Mooswurz-Brücke
French Pont de fangemousse
Italian Ponte Muscoso
Spanish Puente de hierba musgo
Portuguese Ponte Musgomosto
Japanese 苔汁の橋
Simplified Chinese 苔草桥
Russian Мост Ползучего Мха
Traditional Chinese 苔草橋

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