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Dreamborn Muse Dreamborn Muse English

Creature — Spirit 2/2, 2UU (4)

At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player puts the top X cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard, where X is the number of cards in his or her hand.

"Her voice is insight, piercing and true."
—Ixidor, reality sculptor

Illus. Kev Walker

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#44 (Kev Walker)

English Commander (Rare)
English Tenth Edition (Rare)
English Legions (Rare)

German Muse der Traumkunde
French Muse née des rêves
Italian Musa Onirigena
Spanish Musa nacida del sueño
Portuguese Musa Nascida do Sonho
Japanese 夢生まれの詩神
Simplified Chinese 梦生谬思
Russian Муза, Рожденная из Снов
Traditional Chinese 夢生謬思

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