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Test of Faith Test of Faith English

Instant, 1W (2)

Prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt to target creature this turn. For each 1 damage prevented this way, put a +1/+1 counter on that creature.

Those who survive the test bear a mark of power anyone can recognize.

Illus. Vance Kovacs

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 12/1/2004: The +1/+1 counters are put onto the creature at the same time the damage is prevented. If a 1/1 creature would be dealt 6 damage, 3 damage is prevented and three +1/+1 counters are put on the creature. The creature ends up as a 4/4 creature with 3 damage marked on it.
#28 (Vance Kovacs)

English Modern Masters (Common)
English Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons (Uncommon)
English Darksteel (Uncommon)

German Glaubensprüfung
French Test de foi
Italian Prova di Fede
Spanish Prueba de fe
Portuguese Teste de Fé
Japanese 信仰の試練
Simplified Chinese 试炼信念

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