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Narset Transcendent Narset Transcendent English

Planeswalker — Narset (Loyalty: 6), 2WU (4)

+1: Look at the top card of your library. If it's a noncreature, nonland card, you may reveal it and put it into your hand.

−2: When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell from your hand this turn, it gains rebound.

−9: You get an emblem with "Your opponents can't cast noncreature spells."

Illus. Magali Villeneuve

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/25/2015: When resolving Narset’s first ability, if the top card of your library is a creature or a land card, or if you don’t wish to put it into your hand, it isn’t revealed.
  • 2/25/2015: If a spell that exiles itself as part of its own resolution, such as Volcanic Vision, gains rebound, the ability that lets you cast the spell again won’t be created. The spell will simply be exiled.
#225 (Magali Villeneuve)

English Dragons of Tarkir (Mythic Rare)

German Narset die Erleuchtete
French Narset transcendante
Italian Narset Trascendente
Spanish Narset trascendente
Portuguese Narset Transcendente
Japanese 卓絶のナーセット
Simplified Chinese 入圣娜尔施
Russian Нарсет, Превзошедшая
Traditional Chinese 入聖娜爾施
Korean 초월자 나르셋

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