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Sensei's Divining Top Sensei's Divining Top English

Artifact, 1 (1)

{1}: Look at the top three cards of your library, then put them back in any order.

{T}: Draw a card, then put Sensei's Divining Top on top of its owner's library.

Illus. Rob Alexander

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/8/2016: Sensei's Divining Top's second ability may be activated in response to its first ability. If so, you'll draw a card, put Sensei's Divining Top on top of your library, and then look at the top three cards and rearrange them.
  • 6/8/2016: If Sensei's Divining Top leaves the battlefield while its second ability is on the stack, you'll draw a card and leave Sensei's Divining Top in the zone it's moved to.
  • Banned in Legacy (Type 1.5)
  • Banned in Modern
#232 (Rob Alexander)

English Eternal Masters (Rare)
English From the Vault: Exiled (Mythic Rare)
English Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon)

German Weissagekreisel des Senseis
French Toupie de divination du sensei
Italian Cappa delle Profezie del Sensei
Spanish Trompo adivinador del sensei
Portuguese Tampo de Adivinhação do Sensei
Japanese 師範の占い独楽
Simplified Chinese 师范占卜陀螺

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