Favor of the Overbeing Eventide Grazing Kelpie

Gilder Bairn Gilder Bairn English

Creature — Ouphe 1/3, 1{G/U}{G/U} (3)

{2}{G/U}, {Q}: Double the number of each kind of counter on target permanent. ({Q} is the untap symbol.)

Do the glowing trinkets show it the way home, or do they set a twisted path for someone else to follow?

Illus. Nils Hamm

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 8/1/2008: If the permanent is already untapped, you can’t activate its {untap} ability. That’s because you can’t pay the “Untap this permanent” cost.
  • 8/1/2008: The “summoning sickness” rule applies to {untap}. If a creature with an {untap} ability hasn’t been under your control since your most recent turn began, you can’t activate that ability. Ignore this rule if the creature also has haste.
  • 8/1/2008: When you activate an {untap} ability, you untap the creature with that ability as a cost. The untap can’t be responded to. (The actual ability can be responded to, of course.)
  • 8/1/2008: Gilder Bairn’s ability will replicate each kind of counter on the targeted permanent, not just +1/+1 or -1/-1 counters.
#152 (Nils Hamm)

English Eventide (Uncommon)

German Verzierender Knirps
French Gniard doreur
Italian Piccolo Doratore
Spanish Pequeño iluminador
Portuguese Mindinho Decorador
Japanese 光らせの子
Simplified Chinese 缀林童子
Russian Дитя-Позолотчик

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