Tolária Ocidental Visão do Futuro Caerne Esculpido

Arvoredo Dríade Arvoredo Dríade Portuguese

Terreno Criatura — Floresta Dríade 1/1
(Color Indicator: Green)

(Arvoredo Dríade não é uma mágica, é afetado por enjôo de invocação e tem "{T}: Adicione {G} à sua reserva de mana".)

Arvoredo Dríade é verde.

Land Creature — Forest Dryad 1/1

(Dryad Arbor isn't a spell, it's affected by summoning sickness, and it has "{T}: Add {G} to your mana pool.")

"Não toquem nas árvores, não quebrem seus galhos e digam apenas a pergunta para qual buscam resposta."
— Von Yomm, druida anciã, para seus pupilos

Illus. Eric Fortune

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 5/1/2007: Forest is a land type. Dryad is a creature type.
  • 5/1/2007: Dryad Arbor is played as a land. It doesn’t use the stack, it’s not a spell, it can’t be responded to, it has no mana cost, and it counts as your land play for the turn.
  • 5/1/2007: If a Dryad Arbor gains flash, or you have the ability to play Dryad Arbor as though it had flash (due to Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir or Scout's Warning, for example), you can ignore the normal timing rules for playing a land, but not any other restrictions. You can’t play Dryad Arbor during another player’s turn, and you can’t play Dryad Arbor if it’s your turn and you’ve already played a land.
  • 9/22/2011: If Dryad Arbor is changed into another basic land type (such as by Sea's Claim), it continues to be a creature and a Dryad.
  • 6/7/2013: Although originally printed with a characteristic-defining ability that defined its color, this card now has a color indicator. This color indicator can’t be affected by text-changing effects (such as the one created by Crystal Spray), although color-changing effects can still overwrite it.
#174 (Eric Fortune)

Portuguese Visão do Futuro (Uncommon)

English Dryad Arbor
German Laube der Dryaden
French Charmille dryade
Italian Bosco Driade
Spanish Dríada enramada
Japanese ドライアドの東屋
Simplified Chinese 树灵乔木
Russian Жилище Дриад

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