Black Vise From the Vault: Relics Ivory Tower

Isochron Scepter Isochron Scepter English

Artifact, 2 (2)

Imprint — When Isochron Scepter enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your hand.

{2}, {T}: You may copy the exiled card. If you do, you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost.

Illus. Chippy

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/8/2016: If the imprinted card leaves the exile zone while the activated ability is on the stack, the copy can't be made.
  • 6/8/2016: If Isochron Scepter leaves the battlefield while the activated ability is on the stack, the ability can still make a copy.
  • 6/8/2016: You cast the copy while the ability is resolving and still on the stack.
  • 6/8/2016: Because you're already casting the spell using an alternative cost (by casting it without paying its mana cost), you can't pay any other alternative costs for the card. You can pay additional costs, such as kicker costs. If the card has any mandatory additional costs, you must pay those.
  • 6/8/2016: If the exiled card has X in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value for X when casting it.
  • 6/8/2016: If you don't want to cast the copy, you can choose not to; the copy ceases to exist the next time state-based actions are checked.
  • 4/18/2017: The converted mana cost of a split card is determined by the combined mana cost of its two halves. When you activate the second ability, you may choose to cast either half of the split card, but you may not cast both halves.
#3 (Chippy)

English Eternal Masters (Rare)
English Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari (Uncommon)
English From the Vault: Relics (Mythic Rare)
English Mirrodin (Uncommon)
English Friday Night Magic (Special)

German Isochron-Szepter
French Sceptre isochronique
Italian Scettro Isocrono
Spanish Cetro isócrono
Portuguese Cetro Isócrono
Japanese 等時の王笏
Simplified Chinese 等时权杖

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