Dunes of the Dead Hour of Devastation Hashep Oasis

Endless Sands Endless Sands English

Land — Desert

{T}: Add {C} to your mana pool.

{2}, {T}: Exile target creature you control.

{4}, {T}, Sacrifice Endless Sands: Return each creature card exiled with Endless Sands to the battlefield under its owner's control.

Illus. Noah Bradley

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/18/2017: Desert is a land subtype with no special meaning. It doesn’t grant the land an intrinsic mana ability. Other cards may care about which lands are Deserts.
  • 7/14/2017: The last ability of Endless Sands returns only creature cards exiled by that card. If Endless Sands leaves the battlefield before you activate that ability, the exiled creatures are lost in the dunes forever.
  • 7/14/2017: If you exile a creature that isn’t a creature card with the second ability of Endless Sands (such as a token creature or a land that has become a creature), the third ability won’t return that token or card from exile.
#176 (Noah Bradley)

English Hour of Devastation (Rare)

German Endlose Sande
French Sables infinis
Italian Sabbie Sconfinate
Spanish Arenas interminables
Portuguese Areias Infinitas
Japanese 終わりなき砂漠
Simplified Chinese 无际沙漠
Russian Бескрайние Пески
Traditional Chinese 無際沙漠
Korean 끝없는 모래

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