Manada Sangre Salvaje Innistrad Lobo de Kessig

A las fauces del infierno A las fauces del infierno Spanish

Conjuro, 4RR (6)

Destruye la tierra objetivo. A las fauces del infierno hace 13 puntos de daño a la criatura objetivo.


Destroy target land. Into the Maw of Hell deals 13 damage to target creature.

Pocas entradas llevan a donde los demonios y diablos habitan. Desafortunadamente, abren nuevas de tanto en tanto.

Illus. Raymond Swanland

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 9/22/2011: Into the Maw of Hell targets both the land and the creature. You can only cast it if you can choose a legal target for both.
  • 9/22/2011: If one of Into the Maw of Hell's targets is illegal by the time it resolves, Into the Maw of Hell will still affect the remaining legal target. If both targets are illegal at this time, Into the Maw of Hell will be countered.
#150 (Raymond Swanland)

Spanish Innistrad (Uncommon)

English Into the Maw of Hell
German In das Maul der Hölle
French Dans la gueule de l'enfer
Italian Nelle Fauci dell'Inferno
Portuguese Na Boca do Inferno
Japanese 地獄の口の中
Simplified Chinese 陷入地狱口
Russian В Пасть Ада
Traditional Chinese 陷入地獄口

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