Festival do Mercado Viagem para Nyx Protetor da Fauna Nessiana

Panóplia da Natureza Panóplia da Natureza Portuguese

Mágica Instantânea, G (1)

Esforço — Panóplia da Natureza custa {2}{G} a mais para ser conjurado para cada alvo além do primeiro.

Escolha qualquer número de criaturas alvo. Coloque um marcador +1/+1 em cada uma delas.


Strive — Nature's Panoply costs {2}{G} more to cast for each target beyond the first.

Choose any number of target creatures. Put a +1/+1 counter on each of them.

A natureza protege os seus.

Illus. John Avon

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/26/2014: You choose how many targets each spell with a strive ability has and what those targets are as you cast it. It's legal to cast such a spell with no targets, although this is rarely a good idea. You can't choose the same target more than once for a single strive spell.
  • 4/26/2014: The mana cost and converted mana cost of strive spells don't change no matter how many targets they have. Strive abilities affect only what you pay.
  • 4/26/2014: If all of the spell's targets are illegal when the spell tries to resolve, it will be countered and none of its effects will happen. If one or more of its targets are legal when it tries to resolve, the spell will resolve and affect only those legal targets. It will have no effect on any illegal targets.
  • 4/26/2014: If such a spell is copied, and the effect that copies the spell allows a player to choose new targets for the copy, the number of targets can't be changed. The player may change any number of the targets, including all of them or none of them. If, for one of the targets, the player can't choose a new legal target, then it remains unchanged (even if the current target is illegal).
  • 4/26/2014: If a spell or ability allows you to cast a strive spell without paying its mana cost, you must pay the additional costs for any targets beyond the first.
#131 (John Avon)

Portuguese Viagem para Nyx (Common)

English Nature's Panoply
German Rüstzeug der Natur
French Panoplie de la nature
Italian Panoplia della Natura
Spanish Panoplia de la naturaleza
Japanese 自然からの武装
Simplified Chinese 自然华彩
Russian Паноплия Природы
Traditional Chinese 自然華彩
Korean 자연의 집합

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