Puxar das Profundezas Viagem para Nyx Ascensão das Águias

Quimera da Rebentação Quimera da Rebentação Portuguese

Criatura Encantamento — Quimera 3/4, 2U (3)


No início da sua manutenção, devolva um encantamento que você controla para a mão de seu dono.

Enchantment Creature — Chimera 3/4


At the beginning of your upkeep, return an enchantment you control to its owner's hand.

"Eu quero uma."
— Kiora

Illus. Ryan Barger

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/26/2014: If Riptide Chimera is the only enchantment you control when its ability resolves, you must return it to its owner's hand.
  • 4/26/2014: If you control no enchantments when Riptide Chimera's ability resolves (perhaps because Riptide Chimera stops being an enchantment for some reason), then nothing happens.
#48 (Ryan Barger)

Portuguese Viagem para Nyx (Uncommon)

English Riptide Chimera
German Springflut-Chimäre
French Chimère du contre-courant
Italian Chimera delle Maree
Spanish Quimera de resaca
Japanese 激浪のキマイラ
Simplified Chinese 急流盖美拉
Russian Химера Разрывного Течения
Traditional Chinese 急流蓋美拉
Korean 역조 키메라

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