Lancero trasgo Magic 2012 Pintura de guerra trasga

Trasgo excavador de túneles Trasgo excavador de túneles Spanish

Criatura — Bribón trasgo 1/1, 1R (2)

{T}: La criatura objetivo con fuerza de 2 o menos es imbloqueable este turno.

Creature — Goblin Rogue 1/1

{T}: Target creature with power 2 or less can't be blocked this turn.

"La mejor manera de cruzar la montaña es a través."

Illus. Jesper Ejsing

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/15/2010: The power of the targeted creature is checked both as you target it and as the ability resolves. After the ability resolves, the creature can't be blocked that turn even if its power becomes greater than 2.
  • 6/15/2010: The ability doesn't grant an ability to the targeted creature. Rather, it affects the game rules and states something that's now true about that creature. After the ability resolves, the creature can't be blocked that turn even if it loses all abilities.
#142 (Jesper Ejsing)

Spanish Magic 2012 (Common)
Spanish Magic 2011 (Common)
Spanish Levantamiento de los Eldrazi (Common)

English Goblin Tunneler
German Goblin-Tunnelgräber
French Tunnelier gobelin
Italian Scavatore Goblin
Portuguese Cavador de Túneis Goblin
Japanese ゴブリンのトンネル掘り
Simplified Chinese 穿隧鬼怪
Russian Гоблин-Проходчик
Traditional Chinese 穿隧鬼怪

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