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Scroll Thief Scroll Thief English

Creature — Merfolk Rogue 1/3, 2U (3)

Whenever Scroll Thief deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

The arcane academies along the coast were powerless to protect themselves from the brazen raiders of the Kapsho Seas.

Illus. Alex Horley-Orlandelli

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 8/15/2010: The ability triggers just once each time Scroll Thief deals combat damage to a player, regardless of how much damage it deals.
  • 8/15/2010: The ability is mandatory. You must draw a card when it resolves.
#66 (Alex Horley-Orlandelli)

English Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins (Common)
English Magic 2014 Core Set (Common)
English Magic 2013 (Common)
English Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth (Common)
English Magic 2011 (Common)

German Schriftrollendieb
French Voleur de parchemin
Italian Ladro di Pergamene
Spanish Ladrón del pergamino
Portuguese Ladrão de Pergaminho
Japanese 巻物泥棒
Simplified Chinese 卷轴盗贼
Russian Похититель Свитков
Traditional Chinese 卷軸盜賊
Korean 두루마리 도둑

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