Guardian of the Ages Magic 2014 Core Set Millstone

Haunted Plate Mail Haunted Plate Mail English

Artifact — Equipment, 4 (4)

Equipped creature gets +4/+4.

{0}: Until end of turn, Haunted Plate Mail becomes a 4/4 Spirit artifact creature that's no longer an Equipment. Activate this ability only if you control no creatures.

Equip {4} ({4}: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

Illus. Izzy

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 7/18/2014: Although you must control no creatures to activate the “animation” ability, having a creature somehow come under your control in response to that ability won’t stop it from resolving.
  • 7/18/2014: It’s possible to activate the first activated ability of Haunted Plate Mail in response to activating the first ability of another Haunted Plate Mail and have them both become creatures until end of turn.
  • 7/18/2014: You can activate the equip ability of Haunted Plate Mail while it isn’t an Equipment, but the ability will have no effect. Haunted Plate Mail won’t become attached to any creature.
#212 (Izzy)

English Magic 2015 (Rare)
English Magic 2014 Core Set (Rare)

German Verwunschene Plattenrüstung
French Armure de plaques hantée
Italian Corazza Infestata
Spanish Malla de placas embrujada
Portuguese Armadura Assombrada
Japanese 憑依された板金鎧
Simplified Chinese 遭祟板甲
Russian Заколдованные Доспехи
Traditional Chinese 遭祟板甲
Korean 빙의된 판금 갑옷

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