Peel from Reality Magic 2015 Quickling

Polymorphist's Jest Polymorphist's Jest English

Instant, 1UU (3)

Until end of turn, each creature target player controls loses all abilities and becomes a blue Frog with base power and toughness 1/1.

"The flies were bothering me."
—Jalira, master polymorphist

Illus. Craig J Spearing

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 7/18/2014: Creatures that enter the battlefield or come under the target player's control after Polymorphist's Jest resolves won't be affected.
  • 7/18/2014: The creatures will lose all other colors and creature types, but they will retain any other card types (such as artifact) or supertypes (such as legendary) they may have.
  • 7/18/2014: Polymorphist's Jest overwrites all previous effects that set the creatures' base power and toughness to specific values. Any power- or toughness-setting effects that start to apply after Polymorphist's Jest resolves will overwrite this effect.
  • 7/18/2014: Polymorphist's Jest doesn't counter abilities that have already triggered or been activated. In particular, there is no way to cast this spell to stop a creature's ability that says “At the beginning of your upkeep,” “When this creature enters the battlefield,” or similar from triggering.
  • 7/18/2014: If one of the affected creatures gains an ability after Polymorphist's Jest resolves, it will keep that ability.
  • 7/18/2014: Effects that modify a creature's power and/or toughness, such as the effect of Titanic Growth, will apply to the creatures no matter when they started to take effect. The same is true for any counters that change their power and/or toughness and effects that switch power and toughness.
  • 7/18/2014: If one of the Theros block Gods is affected by Polymorphist's Jest, it will be a legendary 1/1 blue Frog enchantment creature with no abilities. If it stops being a creature, perhaps because your devotion to its color(s) decreased, it will be a legendary blue enchantment with no abilities. The way continuous effects work, the God's type-changing ability is applied before the effect that removes that ability is applied.
#75 (Craig J Spearing)

English Commander 2017 (Rare)
English Magic 2015 (Rare)

German Polymorphistenscherz
French Facétie du polymorphiste
Italian Scherzo della Polimorfista
Spanish Broma de la transmutadora
Portuguese Brincadeira da Polimorfista
Japanese 変身術士の戯れ
Simplified Chinese 变型术士恶戏
Russian Шутка Мастера Изменений
Traditional Chinese 變型術士惡戲
Korean 변환술사의 장난

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