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Bonehoard Bonehoard English

Artifact — Equipment, 4 (4)

Living weapon (When this Equipment enters the battlefield, create a 0/0 black Germ creature token, then attach this to it.)

Equipped creature gets +X/+X, where X is the number of creature cards in all graveyards.

Equip {2}

Illus. Chippy

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/1/2011: The value of X is calculated continuously as the number of creature cards in graveyards changes.
  • 6/1/2011: If there are no creature cards in any graveyard when Bonehoard’s living weapon ability resolves, the Germ will be 0/0 and put into its owner’s graveyard.
  • 6/1/2011: Although creature tokens go to the graveyard before ceasing to exist, they never count as creature cards and won’t increase the bonus granted by Bonehoard, however briefly.
  • 6/1/2011: If lethal damage is dealt simultaneously to the equipped creature and another creature, both creatures are put into the graveyard at the same time. The equipped creature won’t get an additional bonus from the other creature.
#100 (Chippy)

English Commander Anthology (Rare)
English Commander 2016 (Rare)
English Commander 2015 (Rare)
English Commander 2014 Edition (Rare)
English Mirrodin Besieged (Rare)

German Knochenhort
French Récoltos
Italian Mucchio d'Ossa
Spanish Huesotesoro
Portuguese Aglomerado de Ossos
Japanese 骨溜め
Simplified Chinese 聚骨装
Russian Костоклад
Traditional Chinese 聚骨裝

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