Бремя Совести Рассвет Шпион с Росинкой

Декларация Опустошения Декларация Опустошения Russian

Чары, UU (2)

При входе Декларации Опустошения в игру назовите карту.

{U}: Отмените целевое заклинание с тем именем.


As Declaration of Naught enters the battlefield, choose a card name.

{U}: Counter target spell with the chosen name.

Каждой сказке, даже самой волшебной, приходит конец.

Illus. Rob Alexander

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/1/2008: You can name either half of a split card, but not both. If a player casts the half with the chosen name, it can be targeted by the second ability. In addition, if a player casts a fused split spell with the chosen name, it can be targeted by the second ability.
#29 (Rob Alexander)

Russian Рассвет (Rare)

English Declaration of Naught
German Nichtigkeitserklärung
French Déclaration du néant
Italian Dichiarazione di Fine
Spanish Declaración de fracaso
Portuguese Declaração de Nulidade
Japanese 失敗の宣告
Simplified Chinese 无用宣言
Traditional Chinese 無用宣言

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