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Lantern Scout Lantern Scout English

Creature — Human Scout Ally 3/2, 2W (3)

Rally — Whenever Lantern Scout or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control, creatures you control gain lifelink until end of turn.

Hedron lanterns fend off more than just the darkness.

Illus. Steven Belledin

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 8/25/2015: multiple instances of lifelink on the same creature are redundant. There usually isn’t much benefit in having the rally ability resolve more than once in a turn, other than that new creatures will be affected by the ability resolving an additional time.
  • 8/25/2015: When an Ally enters the battlefield under your control, each rally ability of the permanents you control will trigger. You can put them on the stack in any order. The last ability you put on the stack will be the first one to resolve.
  • 8/25/2015: If a creature with a rally ability enters the battlefield under your control at the same time as other Allies, that ability will trigger once for each of those creatures and once for the creature with the ability itself.

Battle for Zendikar

#271 (Steven Belledin)

English Battle for Zendikar (Rare)
English Prerelease Events (Special)

German Laternenkundschafterin
French Éclaireuse à la lanterne
Italian Esploratrice della Lanterna
Spanish Exploradora del farol
Portuguese Batedor de Lanterna
Japanese ランタンの斥候
Simplified Chinese 明灯斥候
Russian Разведчица с Фонарем
Traditional Chinese 明燈斥候
Korean 등불 정찰병

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