Wretched Gryff Eldritch Moon Borrowed Grace

Blessed Alliance Blessed Alliance English

Instant, 1W (2)

Escalate {2} (Pay this cost for each mode chosen beyond the first.)

Choose one or more —

• Target player gains 4 life.

• Untap up to two target creatures.

• Target opponent sacrifices an attacking creature.

Illus. Johann Bodin

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 7/13/2016: The targeted opponent chooses which of his or her attacking creatures to sacrifice, not you.
  • 7/13/2016: Untapping an attacking creature doesn't cause it to be removed from combat.
  • 7/13/2016: You choose all of your modes at once. You can't wait to perform one mode's actions and then decide to choose more modes.
  • 7/13/2016: You can't choose any one mode multiple times.
  • 7/13/2016: If two of the chosen modes of an escalate spell target a creature, you may choose the same creature for each mode's target, or choose different creatures. The same is true if the chosen modes target a player (or opponent).
  • 7/13/2016: If one target of an escalate spell becomes illegal, the other targets will still be affected. If all of the targets become illegal, the spell will be countered.
  • 7/13/2016: Effects that reduce the cost of spells reduce the total cost, including any escalate costs added.
  • 7/13/2016: If an effect allows you to cast a spell that has escalate without paying its mana cost, you pay escalate costs for that spell if you choose more than one mode.
  • 7/13/2016: Additional costs don't affect a spell's converted mana cost.
#13 (Johann Bodin)

English Eldritch Moon (Uncommon)

German Gesegnete Allianz
French Alliance bénie
Italian Alleanza Benedetta
Spanish Alianza bendita
Portuguese Aliança Abençoada
Japanese 神聖な協力
Simplified Chinese 受福协作
Russian Благословенный Союз
Traditional Chinese 受福協作
Korean 축복받은 연합

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