Battlegrace Angel Modern Masters 2015 Edition Conclave Phalanx

Celestial Purge Celestial Purge English

Instant, 1W (2)

Exile target black or red permanent.

"They say only the good die young. Obviously, you are one of the exceptions."
—Delrobah, cleric of Ivora Gate

Illus. David Palumbo

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/1/2009: Lands are colorless (even if their frames have some colored elements to them). You can't target a Swamp, a Mountain, or any other land with Celestial Purge (unless some other effect has turned that land black or red).
#11 (David Palumbo)

English Modern Masters 2015 Edition (Uncommon)
English Magic 2012 (Uncommon)
English Magic 2011 (Uncommon)
English Magic 2010 (Uncommon)
English Conflux (Uncommon)
English Magic Player Rewards (Special)

German Himmlische Säuberung
French Épuration céleste
Italian Epurazione Celeste
Spanish Purga celestial
Portuguese Expurgo Celestial
Japanese 天界の粛清
Simplified Chinese 天界涤净
Russian Небесное Очищение
Traditional Chinese 天界滌淨

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