Hardy Veteran Rivals of Ixalan Jade Bearer

Hunt the Weak Hunt the Weak English

Sorcery, 3G (4)

Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. Then that creature fights target creature you don't control. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

"Death lizard approaching, cap'n!"
—Brint Doobin, last words

Illus. Mathias Kollros

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 1/19/2018: You can't cast Hunt the Weak unless you choose both a creature you control and a creature you don't control as targets.
  • 1/19/2018: If either target is an illegal target as Hunt the Weak resolves, neither creature will deal or be dealt damage.
  • 1/19/2018: If the creature you control is an illegal target as Hunt the Weak tries to resolve, you won't put a +1/+1 counter on it. If that creature is a legal target but the other creature isn't, you'll still put the counter on the creature you control.
#133 (Mathias Kollros)

English Rivals of Ixalan (Common)
English Iconic Masters (Common)
English Kaladesh (Common)
English Fate Reforged (Common)
English Magic 2015 (Common)
English Magic 2014 Core Set (Common)

German Die Schwachen jagen
French Chasse aux plus faibles
Italian Cacciare i Deboli
Spanish Cazar a los débiles
Portuguese Caçar os Fracos
Japanese 弱者狩り
Simplified Chinese 猎捕弱者
Russian Охота на Слабых
Traditional Chinese 獵捕弱者
Korean 약자는 먹이로

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