Gift of Granite Future Sight Judge Unworthy

Intervention Pact Intervention Pact English

Instant, 0
(Color Indicator: White)

The next time a source of your choice would deal damage to you this turn, prevent that damage. You gain life equal to the damage prevented this way.

At the beginning of your next upkeep, pay {1}{W}{W}. If you don't, you lose the game.

Illus. Dave Kendall

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 5/1/2007: The delayed triggered ability will trigger regardless of whether any damage is actually prevented.
  • 6/7/2013: Although originally printed with a characteristic-defining ability that defined its color, this card now has a color indicator. This color indicator can’t be affected by text-changing effects (such as the one created by Crystal Spray), although color-changing effects can still overwrite it.
#8 (Dave Kendall)

English Future Sight (Rare)

German Pakt der Einmischung
French Pacte d'intervention
Italian Patto di Intervento
Spanish Pacto de intervención
Portuguese Pacto de Intervenção
Japanese 仲裁の契約
Simplified Chinese 干预条约
Russian Договор о Вмешательстве

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