Might of Alara Conflux Noble Hierarch

Nacatl Savage Nacatl Savage English

Creature — Cat Warrior 2/1, 1G (2)

Protection from artifacts

"Blades dull and armor dents. Marisi taught us that instinct is the only thing a true warrior needs."

Illus. Parente

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/1/2009: “Protection from artifacts” means the following:
    -- Nacatl Savage can't be blocked by artifact creatures.
    -- Nacatl Savage can't be equipped. It also can't be enchanted by Auras that have somehow become artifacts in addition to enchantments.
    -- Nacatl Savage can't be targeted by abilities from artifact sources.
    -- All damage that would be dealt to Nacatl Savage by artifact sources is prevented.
#86 (Parente)

English Conflux (Common)

German Schonungsloser Nacatl
French Nacatl farouche
Italian Nacatl Selvaggio
Spanish Nacatl indómito
Portuguese Selvagem Nacatl
Japanese ナカティルの野人
Simplified Chinese 粗蛮拿卡地
Russian Свирепый Накатлец

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