Rage Nimbus Rise of the Eldrazi Rapacious One

Raid Bombardment Raid Bombardment English

Enchantment, 2R (3)

Whenever a creature you control with power 2 or less attacks, Raid Bombardment deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker that creature is attacking.

Goblins in the first wave of a fire raid always bemoan the aim of everyone else.

Illus. Matt Cavotta

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/15/2010: The power of the attacking creature is checked only when the ability triggers. Once it triggers, Raid Bombardment will deal 1 damage to the defending player even if the creature's power changes before the ability resolves.
  • 6/15/2010: If you attack with multiple creatures with power 2 or less, Raid Bombardment's ability triggers that many times.
  • 6/15/2010: The ability checks which player or planeswalker was attacked for each individual attacking creature with power 2 or less.
#161 (Matt Cavotta)

English Rise of the Eldrazi (Common)

German Bombardierungsüberfall
French Bombardement d'assaut
Italian Bombardamento da Incursione
Spanish Bombardeo de incursión
Portuguese Bombardeio Surpresa
Japanese 略奪の爆撃
Simplified Chinese 突击轰炸
Russian Налет с Обстрелом

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