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Rain of Gore Rain of Gore English

Enchantment, BR (2)

If a spell or ability would cause its controller to gain life, that player loses that much life instead.

"Stay indoors, away from what seeps over the thresholds. This is the Demon's work, and only ill can come of it."
—Belko, owner of Titan's Keg tavern

Illus. Fred Hooper

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/15/2013: This does not apply to life gain caused by combat damage from a creature with lifelink.
#126 (Fred Hooper)

English Dissension (Rare)

German Blutiger Regen
French Pluie d'entrailles
Italian Pioggia di Sangue Rappreso
Spanish Lluvia sangrienta
Portuguese Chuva de Sangue
Japanese 血糊の雨
Simplified Chinese 血块雨
Russian Дождь запекшейся крови

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