Rampaging Ferocidon Ixalan Repeating Barrage

Raptor Hatchling Raptor Hatchling English

Creature — Dinosaur 1/1, 1R (2)

Enrage — Whenever Raptor Hatchling is dealt damage, create a 3/3 green Dinosaur creature token with trample.

"Every little hatchling has a parent's claws to guard it."
—Sun Empire saying

Illus. Even Amundsen

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 1/19/2018: If multiple sources deal damage to a creature with an enrage ability at the same time, most likely because multiple creatures blocked that creature, the enrage ability triggers only once.
  • 1/19/2018: If lethal damage is dealt to a creature with an enrage ability, that ability triggers. The creature with that enrage ability leaves the battlefield before that ability resolves, so it won't be affected by the resolving ability.
#155 (Even Amundsen)

English Ixalan (Uncommon)

German Raptor-Junges
French Progéniture de raptor
Italian Cucciolo di Raptor
Spanish Cría de ráptor
Portuguese Cria de Raptor
Japanese 猛竜の幼生
Simplified Chinese 迅猛龙幼雏
Russian Детеныш Раптора
Traditional Chinese 迅猛龍幼雛
Korean 새끼 랩터

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