Reiver Demon Commander Anthology Scourge of Nel Toth

Rise from the Grave Rise from the Grave English

Sorcery, 4B (5)

Put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. That creature is a black Zombie in addition to its other colors and types.

"Death is no excuse for disobedience."
—Liliana Vess

Illus. Vance Kovacs

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/1/2009: Rise from the Grave doesn't overwrite any previous colors or types. Rather, it adds another color and another subtype.
  • 10/1/2009: If the targeted creature is normally colorless, it will simply become black. It won't be both black and colorless.
  • 10/1/2009: A later effect that changes the affected creature's colors will overwrite that part of Rise from the Grave effect; the creature will be just the new color. The same is true about an effect that changes the affected creature's types or subtypes.
  • 10/1/2009: A “creature card” is any card with the type creature, even if it has other types such as artifact, enchantment, or land. Older cards of type summon are also creature cards.
#65 (Vance Kovacs)

English Commander Anthology (Uncommon)
English Eldritch Moon (Uncommon)
English Commander 2015 (Uncommon)
English Duel Decks Anthology: Garruk vs. Liliana (Uncommon)
English Magic 2013 (Uncommon)
English Commander (Uncommon)
English Magic 2011 (Uncommon)
English Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana (Uncommon)
English Magic 2010 (Uncommon)
English WPN/Gateway (Special)

German Von den Toten auferstehen
French Reviviscence
Italian Risuscitare
Spanish Levantarse de la tumba
Portuguese Ressurgir da Cova
Japanese 墓場からの復活
Simplified Chinese 坟场复生
Russian Восстать из Могилы
Traditional Chinese 墳場復生
Korean 무덤에서의 귀환

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