Skyreach Manta Modern Masters 2015 Edition Sphere of the Suns

Spellskite Spellskite English

Artifact Creature — Horror 0/4, 2 (2)

{UP}: Change a target of target spell or ability to Spellskite. ({UP} can be paid with either {U} or 2 life.)

"Let's show Vorinclex that progress doesn't always need teeth or claws."
—Malcator, Executor of Synthesis

Illus. Chippy

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/1/2011: You can activate Spellskite’s ability even if Spellskite wouldn’t be a legal target for the spell or ability. However, the target of that spell or ability will remain unchanged.
  • 6/1/2011: If changing one target of a spell or ability to Spellskite would make other targets of that spell or ability illegal, the targets remain unchanged.
  • 6/1/2011: If the spell or ability has multiple instances of the word “target,” you choose which target you’re changing to Spellskite when Spellskite’s ability resolves.
  • 6/1/2011: By activating Spellskite’s ability multiple times, you can change each target of a spell or ability with multiple instances of the word “target” to Spellskite, one at a time.
  • 6/1/2011: The target of the spell or ability won’t change unless Spellskite fulfills all the targeting criteria, even if multiple instances of the word “target” are used. For example, you can’t change both targets of Arc Trail to Spellskite.
  • 6/1/2011: If a spell or ability has multiple targets but doesn’t use the word “target” multiple times, such as Fulgent Distraction, you can only successfully change one of the targets to Spellskite.
  • 6/1/2011: If a spell or ability has a variable number of targets, you can’t change the number of targets.
  • 6/1/2011: If Spellskite leaves the battlefield before its ability resolves, the targets remain unchanged.
#230 (Chippy)

English Modern Masters 2015 Edition (Rare)
English New Phyrexia (Rare)

German Zaubermissachter
French Morguesort
Italian Spregiamagie
Spanish Despreciahechizos
Portuguese Desprezador de Mágica
Japanese 呪文滑り
Simplified Chinese 蔑咒兽
Russian Хвастун-Заклинатель
Traditional Chinese 蔑咒獸

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