Standing Troops Welcome Deck 2017 Victory's Herald

Stormfront Pegasus Stormfront Pegasus English

Creature — Pegasus 2/1, 1W (2)


Its hooves touch the earth only when a hero must rise.

Illus. rk post

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#5 (rk post)

English Welcome Deck 2017 (Uncommon)
English Magic 2012 (Common)
English Magic 2011 (Common)
English Magic 2010 (Common)

German Sturmfront-Pegasus
French Pégase du front de l'orage
Italian Pegaso del Fronte della Tempesta
Spanish Pegaso Frente de Tormenta
Portuguese Pégaso da Tempestade
Japanese 嵐前線のペガサス
Simplified Chinese 暴锋飞马
Russian Штормовой Пегас
Traditional Chinese 暴鋒飛馬
Korean 폭풍전선 페가수스

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