Sultai Runemark Fate Reforged Tasigur's Cruelty

Tasigur, the Golden Fang Tasigur, the Golden Fang English

Legendary Creature — Human Shaman 4/5, 5B (6)

Delve (Each card you exile from your graveyard while casting this spell pays for {1}.)

{2}{G/U}{G/U}: Put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard, then return a nonland card of an opponent's choice from your graveyard to your hand.

Illus. Chris Rahn

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 11/24/2014: The last ability doesn't target any card or player. You choose an opponent as the ability resolves and that player chooses a nonland card.
  • 11/24/2014: The chosen opponent can choose any nonland card in your graveyard, not just one of the cards that was just put there. The player must choose a nonland card if there's one in your graveyard.
  • 11/24/2014: You exile cards from your graveyard at the same time you pay the spell's cost. Exiling a card this way is simply another way to pay that cost.
  • 11/24/2014: Delve doesn't change a spell's mana cost or converted mana cost. For example, the converted mana cost of Tasigur's Cruelty (with mana cost {5}{B}) is 6 even if you exile three cards to cast it.
  • 11/24/2014: You can't exile cards to pay for the colored mana requirements of a spell with delve.
  • 11/24/2014: You can't exile more cards than the generic mana requirement of a spell with delve. For example, you can't exile more than five cards from your graveyard to cast Tasigur's Cruelty.
  • 11/24/2014: Because delve isn't an alternative cost, it can be used in conjunction with alternative costs.
#87 (Chris Rahn)

English Fate Reforged (Rare)
English Prerelease Events (Special)

German Tasigur, der goldene Giftzahn
French Tasigur, le Croc doré
Italian Tasigur, la Zanna d'Oro
Spanish Tasigur, el Colmillo Dorado
Portuguese Tasigur, a Presa de Ouro
Japanese 黄金牙、タシグル
Simplified Chinese 金牙塔西格
Russian Тасигур, Золотой Клык
Traditional Chinese 金牙塔西格
Korean 황금 송곳니 타시구르

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