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Thespian's Stage Thespian's Stage English


{T}: Add {C} to your mana pool.

{2}, {T}: Thespian's Stage becomes a copy of target land and gains this ability.

Amid rumors of war, the third act of The Absolution of the Guildpact was quickly rewritten as a tragedy.

Illus. John Avon

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 1/24/2013: The copy effect created by the last activated ability doesn't have a duration. It will last until Thespian's Stage leaves the battlefield or another copy effect overwrites it. The permanent will no longer have the first ability of Thespian's Stage.
  • 1/24/2013: A land's copiable values are those printed on it, as modified by other copy effects. Counters and other effects aren't copied. Notably, if you copy a land that is also a creature because of a temporary effect (such as Celestial Colonnade), Thespian's Stage will become just the “unanimated” land.
  • 1/24/2013: No enters-the-battlefield abilities of the land Thespian's Stage is copying will trigger. Thespian's Stage was already on the battlefield.
#248 (John Avon)

English Gatecrash (Rare)

German Theaterbühne
French Scène de théâtre
Italian Palcoscenico
Spanish Escenario de actores
Portuguese Palco Dramático
Japanese 演劇の舞台
Simplified Chinese 悲剧舞台
Russian Театральные Подмостки
Traditional Chinese 悲劇舞台
Korean 연기자의 무대

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