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God-Favored General God-Favored General English

Creature — Human Soldier 1/1, 1W (2)

Inspired — Whenever God-Favored General becomes untapped, you may pay {2}{W}. If you do, create two 1/1 white Soldier enchantment creature tokens.

Someone had to be first to attack, but he was not alone for long.

Illus. David Palumbo

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/1/2014: Inspired abilities trigger no matter how the creature becomes untapped: by the turn-based action at the beginning of the untap step or by a spell or ability.
  • 2/1/2014: If an inspired ability triggers during your untap step, the ability will be put on the stack at the beginning of your upkeep. If the ability creates one or more token creatures, those creatures won't be able to attack that turn (unless they gain haste).
  • 2/1/2014: Inspired abilities don't trigger when the creature enters the battlefield.
  • 2/1/2014: If the inspired ability includes an optional cost, you decide whether to pay that cost as the ability resolves. You can do this even if the creature leaves the battlefield in response to the ability.
#14 (David Palumbo)

English Born of the Gods (Uncommon)

German Götterbegnadeter General
French Général favori des dieux
Italian Generale Favorito degli Dei
Spanish General bendecido por los dioses
Portuguese General Protegido pelos Deuses
Japanese 神に寵愛された将軍
Simplified Chinese 神泽将领
Russian Любимый Богами Генерал
Traditional Chinese 神澤將領
Korean 신이 보살피는 장군

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