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Mire Blight Mire Blight English

Enchantment — Aura, B (1)

Enchant creature

When enchanted creature is dealt damage, destroy it.

"Is there anything in Guul Draz that doesn't suck the life out of you?"
—Tarsa, Sea Gate sell-sword

Illus. Dave Kendall

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/1/2009: Mire Blight's ability triggers when the enchanted creature is dealt any kind of damage, not just combat damage.
  • 10/1/2009: If Mire Blight's ability triggers, the creature it was enchanting at that time is the one that will be destroyed when the ability resolves. It doesn't matter if Mire Blight leaves the battlefield or somehow becomes attached to another creature by that time.
#104 (Dave Kendall)

English Zendikar (Common)

German Matschfäule
French Flétrissement des fondrières
Italian Deperimento Melmoso
Spanish Ruina del cieno
Portuguese Lodo Deteriorante
Japanese ぬかるみの荒廃
Simplified Chinese 泥沼萎疾
Russian Болотная Порча

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