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Shivan Wumpus Shivan Wumpus English

Creature — Beast 6/6, 3R (4)


When Shivan Wumpus enters the battlefield, any player may sacrifice a land. If a player does, put Shivan Wumpus on top of its owner's library.

It's easier to move the village than to divert the wumpus.

Illus. Ron Spears

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/1/2007: When Shivan Wumpus enters the battlefield, first the active player gets the option to sacrifice a land. If he or she declines, the next player in turn order gets the option. If a player elects to sacrifice a land, Shivan Wumpus is put on top of its owner's library, but then all remaining players still get the option. If all players decline, then nothing happens and Shivan Wumpus stays on the battlefield.
  • 2/1/2007: This is the timeshifted version of Argothian Wurm.
#121 (Ron Spears)

English Planar Chaos (Rare)

German Shivanischer Wumpus
French Wumpus shivân
Italian Wumpus di Shiv
Spanish Wumpus shivano
Portuguese Wumpus de Shiv
Japanese シヴ山のウンパス
Simplified Chinese 西瓦狮头象
Russian Шиванский Вумпус

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