Sin Prodder Shadows over Innistrad Skin Shedder

Skin Invasion Skin Invasion English

Enchantment — Aura, R (1)

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature attacks each combat if able.

When enchanted creature dies, return Skin Invasion to the battlefield transformed under your control.

Illus. Nils Hamm

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  • 4/8/2016: The controller of Skin Invasion, not the controller of the enchanted creature, returns Skin Invasion to the battlefield transformed.
  • 4/8/2016: The enchanted creature's controller still chooses which player or planeswalker that creature attacks.
  • 4/8/2016: If, during your declare attackers step, the enchanted creature is tapped or is affected by a spell or ability that says it can't attack, then it doesn't attack. If there's a cost associated with having that creature attack, its controller isn't forced to pay that cost, so it doesn't have to attack in that case either.
  • 7/13/2016: For more information on double-faced cards, see the Shadows over Innistrad mechanics article (
The other part is:
English Skin Shedder

#182a (Nils Hamm)

English Shadows over Innistrad (Uncommon)

German Monströse Hautirritation
French Invasion cutanée
Italian Invasione Cutanea
Spanish Invasión dérmica
Portuguese Invasão da Pele
Japanese 皮膚への侵入
Simplified Chinese 皮肤入侵
Russian Проникновение под Кожу
Traditional Chinese 皮膚入侵
Korean 피부 침투

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