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Sound the Call Sound the Call English

Sorcery, 2G (3)

Create a 1/1 green Wolf creature token. It has "This creature gets +1/+1 for each card named Sound the Call in each graveyard."

"If you call the wolves, ensure you have a worthy hunt, or you may become the hunted."
—Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter

Illus. Jim Nelson

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 7/15/2006: If Sound the Call resolves while all graveyards are empty, first a 1/1 token is created, then the Sound the Call card is put into your graveyard, which makes the token 2/2. Although the token is momentarily 1/1, state-based actions aren't checked until after the Sound the Call card used to create the token is in a graveyard. For example, if Night of Souls' Betrayal is on the battlefield, the Wolf will momentarily be 0/0. By the time state-based actions are checked, it will be 1/1, so it will remain on the battlefield.
#123 (Jim Nelson)

English Coldsnap (Common)

German Tönender Ruf
French Sonner le cor
Italian Suono del Richiamo
Spanish Sonar la llamada
Portuguese Soar o Chamado
Japanese 呼び声の鳴動
Simplified Chinese 扬起召令
Russian Звук зова

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