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Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Trostani, Selesnya's Voice English

Legendary Creature — Dryad 2/5, WWGG (4)

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

{1}{G}{W}, {T}: Populate. (Create a token that's a copy of a creature token you control.)

Illus. Chippy

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/1/2012: Trostani's first ability checks the creature's toughness as it resolves. If that creature has left the battlefield, use its toughness from when it was last on the battlefield. You can't lose life this way if that creature's toughness was less than 0.
  • 4/15/2013: You can choose any creature token you control for populate. If a spell or ability puts a token onto the battlefield under your control and then instructs you to populate (as Coursers' Accord does), you may choose to copy the token you just created, or you may choose to copy another creature token you control.
  • 4/15/2013: If you choose to copy a creature token that's a copy of another creature, the new creature token will copy the characteristics of whatever the original token is copying.
  • 4/15/2013: The new creature token copies the characteristics of the original token as stated by the effect that put the original token onto the battlefield.
  • 4/15/2013: The new token doesn't copy whether the original token is tapped or untapped, whether it has any counters on it or Auras and Equipment attached to it, or any noncopy effects that have changed its power, toughness, color, and so on.
  • 4/15/2013: Any “as [this creature] enters the battlefield” or “[this creature] enters the battlefield with” abilities of the new token will work.
  • 4/15/2013: If you control no creature tokens when you populate, nothing will happen.
#206 (Chippy)

English Return to Ravnica (Mythic Rare)

German Trostani, die Stimme Selesnijas
French Trostani, Voix de Selesnya
Italian Trostani, Voce di Selesnya
Spanish Trostani, la voz de Selesnya
Portuguese Trostani, Voz dos Selesnya
Japanese セレズニアの声、トロスターニ
Simplified Chinese 瑟雷尼亚之声卓塔妮
Russian Тростани, Голос Селезнии
Traditional Chinese 瑟雷尼亞之聲卓塔妮
Korean 셀레스냐의 목소리 트로스타니

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