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Annul Annul English

Instant, U (1)

Counter target artifact or enchantment spell.

"Why pray to the gods, who feed on your worship? Dissolve your illusions and see the true nature of things."
—Xenagos, the Reveler

Illus. Christine Choi

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#38 (Christine Choi)

English Theros (Common)
English Mirrodin (Common)
English Urza's Saga (Common)

German Annullieren
French Dissolution
Italian Nullificare
Spanish Anular
Portuguese Anular
Japanese 無効
Simplified Chinese 抹除
Russian Аннуляция
Traditional Chinese 抹除
Korean 취소

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Advokat des Annullierens Advokat des Annullierens German

Kreatur — Insekt, Druide 2/3, 2G (3)

{T}: Bringe zwei Karten deiner Wahl aus dem Friedhof eines Gegners auf seine Hand zurück. Zerstöre ein Artefakt oder eine Verzauberung deiner Wahl.

Creature — Insect Druid 2/3

{T}: Return two target cards from an opponent's graveyard to his or her hand. Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

„Unsere Einigkeit deckt eure Falschheit auf.

Illus. Darrell Riche

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/4/2004: You can’t activate this ability unless a single opponent has at least two cards in their graveyard to target.
#70 (Darrell Riche)

German Planechase 2012 Edition (Common)
German Abrechnung (Common)

English Nullmage Advocate
French Partisan des annulmages
Italian Difensore di Magivuoto
Spanish Defensor magoanula
Portuguese Advogado dos Magi-Anuladores
Japanese 虚無魔道士の代言者

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Annullierstein-Gargoyle Annullierstein-Gargoyle German

Artefaktkreatur — Gargoyle 4/5, 9 (9)


Immer wenn der erste Nichtkreatur-Zauber eines Zuges gespielt wird, neutralisiere diesen Zauber.

Artifact Creature — Gargoyle 4/5


Whenever the first noncreature spell of a turn is cast, counter that spell.

Annullierstein absorbiert und schwächt die meisten Arten magischer Energie und außerdem auch Licht, Geräusche und Hitze.

Illus. Glenn Fabry

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/1/2005: Nullstone Gargoyle cares about the first noncreature spell cast during a turn, not the first one it “sees.” If a noncreature spell was cast before Nullstone Gargoyle entered the battlefield, it won’t counter the next one.
  • 10/1/2005: If another spell is cast in response to the first spell, Nullstone Gargoyle doesn’t affect that second spell.
#266 (Glenn Fabry)

German Ravnica: Stadt der Gilden (Rare)

English Nullstone Gargoyle
French Gargouille d'annulpierre
Italian Gargoyle di Pietravuota
Spanish Gárgola piedranula
Portuguese Gárgula de Pedra Anuladora
Japanese 虚無石のガーゴイル
Simplified Chinese 虚空石像鬼
Russian Изгоняющая горгулья

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Schafhirte des Annullierens Schafhirte des Annullierens German

Kreatur — Elf, Schamane 2/4, 3G (4)

Tappe vier ungetappte Kreaturen, die du kontrollierst: Zerstöre ein Artefakt oder eine Verzauberung deiner Wahl.

Creature — Elf Shaman 2/4

Tap four untapped creatures you control: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

Die Schafhirten wirken im Geheimen: sie suchen Verbrechen gegen die Natur und machen wieder Erde und Staub daraus.

Illus. Stephen Tappin

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#174 (Stephen Tappin)

German Ravnica: Stadt der Gilden (Uncommon)

English Nullmage Shepherd
French Bergère annulmage
Italian Pastore di Magivuoto
Spanish Pastora magoanula
Portuguese Pastoras Magi-Anuladoras
Japanese 虚無魔道士の番人
Simplified Chinese 虚法师牧者
Russian Изгоняющий пастырь

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Annulateur d'Ulamog Annulateur d'Ulamog French

Créature : eldrazi et convertisseur 2/3, 2UB (4)

Carence (Cette carte n'a pas de couleur.) FlashVolQuand l'Annulateur d'Ulamog arrive sur le champ de bataille, vous pouvez mettre deux cartes que vos adversaires possèdent dans les cimetières de leurs propriétaires depuis l'exil. Si vous faites ainsi, contrecarrez le sort ciblé.

Creature — Eldrazi Processor 2/3

Devoid (This card has no color.)



When Ulamog's Nullifier enters the battlefield, you may put two cards your opponents own from exile into their owners' graveyards. If you do, counter target spell.

Illus. Aleksi Briclot

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 8/25/2015: Cards with devoid use frames that are variations of the transparent frame traditionally used for Eldrazi. The top part of the card features some color over a background based on the texture of the hedrons that once imprisoned the Eldrazi. This coloration is intended to aid deckbuilding and game play.
  • 8/25/2015: A card with devoid is just colorless. It’s not colorless and the colors of mana in its mana cost.
  • 8/25/2015: Other cards and abilities can give a card with devoid color. If that happens, it’s just the new color, not that color and colorless.
  • 8/25/2015: Devoid works in all zones, not just on the battlefield.
  • 8/25/2015: If a card loses devoid, it will still be colorless. This is because effects that change an object’s color (like the one created by devoid) are considered before the object loses devoid.
  • 8/25/2015: If a spell or ability requires that you put more than one exiled card into the graveyard, you may choose cards owned by different opponents. Each card chosen will be put into its owner’s graveyard.
  • 8/25/2015: If a replacement effect will cause cards that would be put into a graveyard from anywhere to be exiled instead (such as the one created by Anafenza, the Foremost), you can still put an exiled card into its opponent’s graveyard. The card becomes a new object and remains in exile. In this situation, you can’t use a single exiled card if required to put more than one exiled card into the graveyard. Conversely, you could use the same card in this situation if two separate spells or abilities each required you to put a single exiled card into its owner’s graveyard.
  • 8/25/2015: You can’t look at face-down cards in exile unless an effect allows you to.
  • 8/25/2015: Face-down cards in exile are grouped using two criteria: what caused them to be exiled face down and when they were exiled face down. If you want to put a face-down card in exile into its owner’s graveyard, you must first choose one of these groups and then choose a card from within that group at random. For example, say an artifact causes your opponent to exile his or her hand of three cards face down. Then on a later turn, that artifact causes your opponent to exile another two cards face down. If you use Wasteland Strangler to put one of those cards into his or her graveyard, you would pick the first or second pile and put a card chosen at random from that pile into the graveyard.
#207 (Aleksi Briclot)

French La bataille de Zendikar (Uncommon)

English Ulamog's Nullifier
German Ulamogs Nullifizierer
Italian Vanificatore di Ulamog
Spanish Anulador de Ulamog
Portuguese Nulificador de Ulamog
Japanese ウラモグの失却させるもの
Simplified Chinese 钨拉莫废除体
Russian Изничтожитель Уламога
Traditional Chinese 鎢拉莫廢除體
Korean 울라목의 무력화꾼

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Annulation Annulation French

(Missing!), 1UU (3)



Return two target creatures to their owners' hands.

Illus. Henry Van Der Linde

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/4/2004: The two creatures may have different owners and return to their respective owner’s hands.
#59 (Henry Van Der Linde)

French Portal Second Age (Uncommon)
French Visions (Common)

English Undo
German Loslösen
Italian Annullare
Spanish Cancelar
Portuguese Desfazer

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Annulation angoissée Annulation angoissée French

Éphémère, 1WB (3)

Exilez le permanent non-terrain ciblé. Vous perdez 3 points de vie.


Exile target nonland permanent. You lose 3 life.

Sorin avait créé Avacyn. Le sort s'était donc montré d'une rare cruauté en lui infligeant la douleur de devoir la faire disparaître à jamais.

Illus. Wesley Burt

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/8/2016: If the nonland permanent becomes an illegal target, Anguished Unmaking is countered. You won’t lose 3 life.
#242 (Wesley Burt)

French Ténèbres sur Innistrad (Rare)

English Anguished Unmaking
German Schmerzerfüllte Auslöschung
Italian Dissoluzione Angosciosa
Spanish Fin angustioso
Portuguese Desfazer Angustiado
Japanese 苦渋の破棄
Simplified Chinese 哀恸归虚
Russian Мучительное Уничтожение
Traditional Chinese 哀慟歸虛
Korean 비통한 파괴

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Annuler Annuler French

Éphémère, 1UU (3)

Contrecarrez le sort ciblé.


Counter target spell.

« Laissez-moi tenter de résoudre l'une des énigmes de Kefnet. Celle-ci était bien trop simple. »

Illus. Mathias Kollros

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#44 (Mathias Kollros)

French Amonkhet (Common)
French Les Khans de Tarkir (Common)
French Magic 2015 (Common)
French Édition de base Magic 2014 (Common)
French Retour sur Ravnica (Common)
French Planechase 2012 Edition (Common)
French Magic 2012 (Common)
French Magic 2011 (Common)
French Zendikar (Common)
French Magic 2010 (Common)
French Les éclats d'Alara (Common)
French Dixième édition (Common)
French Spirale Temporelle (Common)

English Cancel
German Abbrechen
Italian Eliminare
Spanish Deshacer
Portuguese Cancelar
Japanese 取り消し
Simplified Chinese 取消
Russian Отмена
Traditional Chinese 取消
Korean 주문 취소

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Mot d'annulation Mot d'annulation French

(Missing!), U (1)



Return target creature and all white Auras you own attached to it to their owners' hands.

Illus. Christopher Rush

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#108 (Christopher Rush)

French Ere Glaciaire (Common)

English Word of Undoing
German Verneinung
Italian Ordine di Annullamento
Spanish Palabras de retorno
Portuguese Palavra do Desfazer

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Obélisque d'annulation Obélisque d'annulation French

(Missing!), 1 (1)



{6}, {T}: Return target permanent you both own and control to your hand.

Illus. Tom Wänerstrand

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#392 (Tom Wänerstrand)

French Cinquième Edition (Rare)

English Obelisk of Undoing
German Obelisk der Loslösung
Italian Obelisco dell'Annullamento
Spanish Obelisco de anulación
Portuguese Obelisco do Desfazer

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Profusion d'annulations Profusion d'annulations French

Enchantement, 4BB (6)

Sautez votre étape de pioche.

À chaque fois que vous jouez une carte, piochez une carte.

La taille maximale de votre main est de deux.


Skip your draw step.

Whenever you play a card, draw a card.

Your maximum hand size is two.

« Il y en a qui disent que le temps est cyclique et que l'histoire se répète inévitablement. Ma volonté est mienne. Je refuse de me plier au destin. »

Illus. Kev Walker

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/1/2007: The triggered ability will trigger when you play a land card or cast a nonland card as a spell. It won’t trigger when you play a copy of a card, such as with Isochron Scepter.
  • 2/1/2007: Your maximum hand size is checked only during the cleanup step of your turn. At any other time, you may have any number of cards in hand.
  • 2/1/2007: This is the timeshifted version of Recycle.
  • 2/1/2007: Countering a spell that has been cast will not prevent you from drawing the card.
  • 10/1/2009: If multiple effects modify your hand size, apply them in timestamp order. For example, if you put Spellbook (an artifact that says you have no maximum hand size) onto the battlefield and then put Null Profusion onto the battlefield, your maximum hand size will be two. However, if those permanents entered the battlefield in the opposite order, you would have no maximum hand size.
#89 (Kev Walker)

French Chaos planaire (Rare)

English Null Profusion
German Keinerlei Überfluss
Italian Parsimonia
Spanish Abundancia nula
Portuguese Profusão Nula
Japanese 有り余る無
Simplified Chinese 虚空满盈
Russian Незначительная Щедрость

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Annullamento Premeditato Annullamento Premeditato Italian

Istantaneo, 2U (3)

Neutralizza una magia bersaglio a meno che il suo controllore non paghi {3}.Arte magica — Se nel tuo cimitero ci sono due o più carte istantaneo e/o stregoneria, profetizza 2. (Per profetizzare 2, guarda le prime due carte del tuo grimorio, poi mettine un qualsiasi numero in fondo al tuo grimorio e le altre in cima in qualsiasi ordine.)


Counter target spell unless its controller pays {3}.

Spell mastery — If there are two or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard, scry 2. (To scry 2, look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

Illus. Karl Kopinski

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/22/2015: If the spell mastery ability applies, you’ll scry 2 even if the controller of the spell pays {3}.
  • 6/22/2015: In one unusual situation, you can cast Calculated Dismissal targeting an instant or sorcery spell you control while there is one instant or sorcery card in your graveyard. In this situation, if you decline to pay {3}, the spell will be countered and put into your graveyard. The spell mastery ability will then apply and you’ll scry 2.
  • 6/22/2015: Check to see if there are two or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard as the spell resolves to determine whether the spell mastery ability applies. The spell itself won’t count because it’s still on the stack as you make this check.
#48 (Karl Kopinski)

Italian Magic Origins (Common)

English Calculated Dismissal
German Kalkulierte Zurückweisung
French Rejet calculé
Spanish Anulación calculada
Portuguese Dispensa Calculada
Japanese 計算された放逐
Simplified Chinese 精心驱散
Russian Просчитанный Отказ
Traditional Chinese 精心驅散
Korean 계산된 일축

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Annullare il Giorno Annullare il Giorno Italian

Stregoneria, 2U (3)

Ogni giocatore rimescola la propria mano e il proprio cimitero nel proprio grimorio, poi pesca sette carte. Se è il tuo turno, termina il turno. (Esilia tutte le magie e le abilità in pila, compresa questa carta. Scarta fino a raggiungere il limite massimo di carte nella tua mano. Il danno viene rimosso e terminano gli effetti "in questo turno" e "fino alla fine del turno".)


Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library, then draws seven cards. If it's your turn, end the turn. (Exile all spells and abilities on the stack, including this card. Discard down to your maximum hand size. Damage wears off, and "this turn" and "until end of turn" effects end.)

Illus. Jonas De Ro

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/22/2015: Ending the turn this way means the following things happen in order: 1) All spells and abilities on the stack are exiled. This includes spells and abilities that can’t be countered. 2) If there are any attacking and blocking creatures, they’re removed from combat. 3) State-based actions are checked. No player gets priority, and no triggered abilities are put onto the stack. 4) The current phase and/or step ends. The game skips straight to the cleanup step. 5) The cleanup step happens in its entirety.
  • 6/22/2015: If any triggered abilities do trigger during the process of ending the turn, they’re put onto the stack during the cleanup step. If this happens, players will have a chance to cast spells and activate abilities, then there will be another cleanup step before the turn ends.
  • 6/22/2015: Though other spells and abilities that are exiled won’t get a chance to resolve, they don’t count as being countered.
  • 6/22/2015: Any “at the beginning of the next end step” triggered abilities won’t get the chance to trigger that turn because the end step is skipped. Those abilities will trigger at the beginning of the end step of the next turn. The same is true of abilities that trigger at the beginning of other phases or steps.
  • 6/22/2015: If both your hand and graveyard are empty as Day’s Undoing starts resolving, you’ll still shuffle your library before drawing seven cards.
  • 4/18/2017: If any abilities trigger while players are shuffling cards into their library or drawing seven cards, those abilities cease to exist when the turn ends. They won’t be put on the stack.
#51 (Jonas De Ro)

Italian Magic Origins (Mythic Rare)

English Day's Undoing
German Vereiteltes Tagewerk
French Anéantissement du jour
Spanish Jornada revocada
Portuguese Desfazer do Dia
Japanese 一日のやり直し
Simplified Chinese 重启一日
Russian Закат Дня
Traditional Chinese 重啟一日
Korean 하루 전으로

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Camera dell'Annullamento Camera dell'Annullamento Italian

(Missing!), 3W (4)


World Enchantment

As Null Chamber enters the battlefield, you and an opponent each choose a card name other than a basic land card name.

Spells with the chosen names can't be cast and lands with the chosen names can't be played.

Illus. Douglas Shuler

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/1/2006: If you somehow manage to cast this while other spells are on the stack, those spells won’t be countered.
  • 10/1/2008: This has the supertype world. When a world permanent enters the battlefield, any world permanents that were already on the battlefield are put into their owners’ graveyards. This is a state-based action called the “world rule.” The new world permanent stays on the battlefield. If two world permanents enter the battlefield at the same time, they’re both put into their owners’ graveyards.
  • 4/15/2013: You choose which opponent makes the choice. Null Chamber does not target that opponent.
#235 (Douglas Shuler)

Italian Mirage (Rare)

English Null Chamber
German Singularität
French La chambre de cassation
Spanish Cámara de supresión
Portuguese Câmara da Neutralização

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Raggio dell'Annullamento Raggio dell'Annullamento Italian

(Missing!), U (1)



Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep.

Illus. Mike Raabe

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#93 (Mike Raabe)

Italian Era Glaciale (Common)

English Ray of Erasure
German Strahl der Vernichtung
French Rayon d'effacement
Spanish Rayo del olvido
Portuguese Raio de Aniquilação

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Spilla dell'Annullamento Spilla dell'Annullamento Italian

(Missing!), 4 (4)



{2}, {T}, Discard your hand: Counter target noncreature spell.

Illus. DiTerlizzi

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/1/2008: A “creature spell” is any spell with the type Creature, even if it has other types such as Artifact or Enchantment. Older cards of type Summon are also Creature spells.
#136 (DiTerlizzi)

Italian Esodo (Rare)

English Null Brooch
German Nullbrosche
French Broche de cassation
Spanish Broche de nulificación
Portuguese Broche da Anulacão

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Verga dell'Annullamento Verga dell'Annullamento Italian

(Missing!), 2 (2)



Activated abilities of artifacts can't be activated.

Illus. Anson Maddocks

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/1/2008: This covers only artifacts that are on the battlefield.
  • 7/1/2013: This effect applies to all activated abilities of artifacts, including mana abilities.
  • 7/1/2013: This effect does not prevent triggered abilities from triggering and it doesn’t stop the effects of static abilities.
  • 6/8/2016: Activated abilities contain a colon. They’re generally written “[Cost]: [Effect].” Some keywords are activated abilities and will have colons in their reminder text.
#154 (Anson Maddocks)

Italian Cavalcavento (Rare)

English Null Rod
German Stab des Nichts
French Baguette de cassation
Spanish Bastón de anulación
Portuguese Bastão da Invalidação

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