Sorin, Grim Nemesis Shadows over Innistrad Corrupted Grafstone

Brain in a Jar Brain in a Jar English

Artifact, 2 (2)

{1}, {T}: Put a charge counter on Brain in a Jar, then you may cast an instant or sorcery card with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Brain in a Jar from your hand without paying its mana cost.

{3}, {T}, Remove X charge counters from Brain in a Jar: Scry X.

Illus. Daniel Ljunggren

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 4/8/2016: When resolving the first ability of Brain in a Jar, the newly-placed charge counter will be counted when determining what spells you may cast. No player may take any action between you placing the counter and choosing which spell to cast.
  • 4/8/2016: If Brain in a Jar leaves the battlefield before its first ability resolves, use the number of counters on it at the moment it left to determine what spell you may cast. That number won't change because you can't put a new counter on Brain in a Jar.
  • 4/8/2016: If you cast a card “without paying its mana cost,” you can't pay any alternative costs, such as awaken costs. You can, however, pay additional costs, such as kicker costs. If the card has any mandatory additional costs, such as that of Lightning Axe, you must pay those to cast the card.
  • 4/8/2016: If the card has {X} in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value of X.
#252 (Daniel Ljunggren)

English Shadows over Innistrad (Rare)

German Gehirn im Glas
French Cerveau en bocal
Italian Cervello in Barattolo
Spanish Cerebro envasado
Portuguese Cérebro no Jarro
Japanese 瓶詰め脳
Simplified Chinese 瓶中脑
Russian Мозг в Банке
Traditional Chinese 瓶中腦
Korean 병 속에 담긴 뇌

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