Murder of Crows Innistrad Runic Repetition

Rooftop Storm Rooftop Storm English

Enchantment, 5U (6)

You may pay {0} rather than pay the mana cost for Zombie creature spells you cast.

"Let those idiot priests tremble! A new era in unlife begins here and now. Oglor, raise the lightning vane!"
—Stitcher Geralf

Illus. John Stanko

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 9/22/2011: You must still pay any mandatory additional costs, such as exiling a creature card from your graveyard for Makeshift Mauler.
  • 9/22/2011: The mana cost and converted mana cost of the spell are unchanged. Rooftop Storm only changes what you pay.
#71 (John Stanko)

English Innistrad (Rare)

German Sturm über den Dächern
French Orage sur le toit
Italian Tempesta Spazzatetti
Spanish Tormenta sobre el tejado
Portuguese Tempestade de Telhado
Japanese 屋根の上の嵐
Simplified Chinese 屋顶风暴
Russian Буря на Крыше
Traditional Chinese 屋頂風暴

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