Ulamog's Despoiler Battle for Zendikar Angel of Renewal

Void Winnower Void Winnower English

Creature — Eldrazi 11/9, 9 (9)

Your opponents can't cast spells with even converted mana costs. (Zero is even.)

Your opponents can't block with creatures with even converted mana costs.

"Have you ever seen a world fall to its knees? Watch, and learn."—Ob Nixilis

Illus. Chase Stone

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 8/25/2015: Effects that increase or reduce the cost to cast a spell don't affect that spell's converted mana cost.
  • 8/25/2015: For spells with {X} in their mana costs, use the value chosen for X to determine if the spell's converted mana cost is even or not. For example, your opponent could cast Endless One (with mana cost {X}) with X equal to 5, but not with X equal to 6.
  • 8/25/2015: For creatures on the battlefield with {X} in their mana costs, the value for X is 0. Mistcutter Hydra (a creature with mana cost {X}{G}) could block, but Endless One could not.
  • 8/25/2015: The converted mana cost of a face-down creature spell or a face-down creature is 0. Void Winnower will stop face-down creature spells from being cast and face-down creatures from blocking.
  • 8/25/2015: Yes, your opponent can't even. We know.
#17 (Chase Stone)

English Battle for Zendikar (Mythic Rare)
English Prerelease Events (Special)

German Ausdünner der Leere
French Vanneur du vide
Italian Setacciatore del Vuoto
Spanish Aventador del vacío
Portuguese Peneirador do Vácuo
Japanese 虚空の選別者
Simplified Chinese 虚空筛除体
Russian Веятель Пустоты
Traditional Chinese 虛空篩除體
Korean 공허 선별자

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