Atarka Efreet Dragons of Tarkir Berserkers' Onslaught

Atarka Pummeler Atarka Pummeler English

Creature — Ogre Warrior 4/5, 4R (5)

Formidable — {3}{R}{R}: Creatures you control gain menace until end of turn. Activate this ability only if creatures you control have total power 8 or greater. (They can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)

Illus. Lucas Graciano

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 2/25/2015: Activating Atarka Pummeler's ability more than once conveys no additional benefit to creatures you control.
  • 2/25/2015: If you control a creature with power less than 0, use its actual power when calculating the total power of creatures you control. For example, if you control three creatures with powers 4, 5, and -2, the total power of creatures you control is 7.
  • 2/25/2015: Some formidable abilities are activated abilities that require creatures you control to have total power 8 or greater. Once you activate these abilities, it doesn't matter what happens to the total power of creatures you control.
  • 2/25/2015: Other formidable abilities are triggered abilities with an “intervening ‘if'” clause. Such abilities check the total power of creatures you control twice: once at the appropriate time to see if the ability will trigger, and again as the ability tries to resolve. If, at that time, the total power of creatures you control is no longer 8 or greater, the ability will have no effect.
#129 (Lucas Graciano)

English Dragons of Tarkir (Uncommon)

German Atarka-Prügler
French Marteleur d'Atarka
Italian Assaltatore Atarka
Spanish Rompepuertas de Atarka
Portuguese Arrombador de Atarka
Japanese アタルカの打撃手
Simplified Chinese 安塔卡族猛击手
Russian Атаркский Молотильщик
Traditional Chinese 安塔卡族猛擊手
Korean 아타르카 난투꾼

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