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Filigree Sages Filigree Sages English

Artifact Creature — Vedalken Wizard 2/3, 3U (4)

{2}{U}: Untap target artifact.

"We of the Sanctum Arcanum have pondered every word on every page of the Filigree Texts. If you can't say the same, don't bother speaking."

Illus. Dan Scott

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 10/1/2008: The only difference between a colored artifact and a colorless artifact is, obviously, its color. Unlike most artifacts, a colored artifact requires colored mana to cast. Also unlike most artifacts, a colored artifact has a color in all zones. It will interact with cards that care about color. Other than that, a colored artifact behaves just like any other artifact. It will interact as normal with any card that cares about artifacts, such as Shatter or Arcbound Ravager.
#44 (Dan Scott)

English Shards of Alara (Uncommon)

German Weise des Filigranen
French Sages du Filigrane
Italian Saggi della Filigrana
Spanish Sabios de filigrana
Portuguese Sábios de Filigree
Japanese 金線の賢者
Simplified Chinese 丝金录智者
Russian Знатоки Филиграни

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