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Magewright's Stone Magewright's Stone English

Artifact, 2 (2)

{1}, {T}: Untap target creature that has an activated ability with {T} in its cost.

The stones hark back to an age before civilization, when the living earth blessed all who trod its untamed wilds.

Illus. Carl Critchlow

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 5/1/2006: If an activated ability with {tap} in its cost is granted to a creature by an effect (such as Hypervolt Grasp's effect, for instance), Magewright's Stone can untap that creature.
  • 5/1/2006: This looks for the {tap} symbol. The phrase “tap an untapped creature you control” isn't the same and doesn't count.
#162 (Carl Critchlow)

English Dissension (Uncommon)

German Stein der Zauberwerker
French Pierre du forgemage
Italian Pietra del Forgiamaghi
Spanish Piedra del magocreador
Portuguese Pedra do Criador de Magos
Japanese 教術師の石
Simplified Chinese 领法师之石
Russian Камень создателя магов

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